Exercise Physiology
Seasonal Variations of Haematological, Biochemical and Physical Performance Indices in Elite Beach Soccer Players

Shirin Banitalebi Dehkordi; Mohammad Faramarzi; Mostafa Rahimi; Afraseyab Sadeghi

Volume 4, Issue 7 , June 2022, , Pages 120-144


  Purpose: Haematological, hormonal, biochemical and physical performance parameters were altered after long-term soccer training in professional soccer players. These alterations can be influenced by different contextual factors such as playing surface, training load, duration of training and competition. ...  Read More

Exercise Physiology
Effects of Exercise and Training on Oxidative Stress and Antioxidants

Worya Tahmasebi; Vahid Kazemi; Hamid Reza Bakhshi Chenari; Mehrdad Moradi

Volume 4, Issue 7 , June 2022, , Pages 145-177


  The first report showing that long-term endurance exercise increases oxidative stress in humans was published more than 4 decades ago. Since this discovery, many subsequent studies have confirmed the fact that muscle activity increases the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and leads to oxidative ...  Read More