The basic objective of this academic journal is to provide an exchange platform between professors, researchers, and scholars that study, teach, learn or are connected to the educational or educational associated disciplines. Our purpose is to build and maintain a mutually beneficial and long-term bidirectional informational dialogue among our authors and beneficiaries of the published research.

     The principal scope of the journal of new approaches in sport sciences is to disseminate the latest research findings and scientific advances in the different aspects of health and sports, exploring new methods and modern tendencies, and investigating interdisciplinary methodologies. We invite our collaborators to actively participate with their latest scientific research, with their theoretical and practical experience at the development of this informational platform as a novel tool for the advancement of health and sports science.

     Our publication provides an active instrument to the authors for publishing and distributing their achievements worldwide according to the Open Access policies and methods as well as a powerful tool for the researcher in order to obtain theoretical and practical knowledge for future research projects.

     The Journal includes scientific research relating to:

  • The application of physiological and biomechanical principles to specific sporting codes
  • Sporting performance enhancement including nutrition, equipment, and training
  • Motor movement studies and the effects of it on health and performance
  • Different aspects of management in sports
  • Exercise for health
  • Injury prevention