Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Professor, Department of Sport Science, Faculty of Humanities, University of Neyshabur, Neyshabur, Iran


Purpose: Analysis current goals at the gyms would answer some of the questions about the ‎‎(un)continuation of physical activity (PA) and point out factors that have less attention in care ‎and health program. This article examines women's exercise space in order to answer an ‎important question: ‘Why most women have problems with regular PA and cannot permanently ‎benefit from a long-term regular exercise program?’ This was a qualitative study. Method: ‎Data collection ‎was carried out through attendance at women's gyms and registration of symbols and symptoms ‎and analyzed by thematic analysis (Broun & Clark, 2006). Results: Results showed that there were two ‎main themes for women to participate in the PA which can be defined in terms of goals.‎‏ ‏Objectives called fear of obesity and overweight; and the goals of trying to be healthy and health ‎management. However, the categories related to these two theme overlap but they are different ‎in nature and make fundamental changes in‏ ‏women’s PA performance. By examining the ‎persistence of women's participation in PA this hypothesis is raised; i.e., women’s long-term ‎goals and regular attendance in PA is related to goals created by the health management goals ‎and personal responsibility about their own health behaviors while irregular attendance activity ‎is related to priorities and goals created by the fear of obesity atmosphere. Conclusions: ‎The preliminary ‎evidence of the presence of women in the practice confirms this claim but additional studies are ‎needed to confirm this‎.‎