Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Exercise Physiology, Damghan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Damghan, Iran

2 Department of Exercise Physiology, Shahroud Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shahroud, Iran

3 Lecturer of International Olympic Committee and World Taekwondo Federation, Education and progress Committee Member, Sydney Olympic Referee, London Olympic Coach and 8th Dan of Kukkiwon

4 MSc in Physical Education Management, International Han Madang Coach and the Head Coach of Iran’s Han Madang National Team


Purpose: The adequate use of sport-related modern knowledge such as new findings regarding nutritional and dietary supplements is an essential prerequisite of success in modern professional sport. Methods: In this semi-experimental study, 11 nationally prominent Taekwondoin with 8 to 12 years of experience and profile of (Age: 20±6 years, height: 178±12 cm, weight: 67±11kg, wrist circumference: 17±1 cm) were selected as subjects. The level of blood lactate, the time and speed of execution of Poomsae forms, and the number of Momdollyos successfully performed in 20 seconds were measured separately in a pre-test phase, after the intake of a placebo, and after the consumption of supplement drink. Results: Statistical results showed that lactate levels significantly increased compare to pre-tests in both groups. Although this increasing was not significant between groups in Momdollyo (p=0.599) and Poomsae (p=0.303). Indeed, number of successfully executed and also time of performance were significantly different in both Momdollyo (P=0.000) and    Poomsae (P=0.033). Conclusion: Intake of discussed customized decaffeinated supplement drink increased speed and number of execution of Poomsae forms and Momdollyo techniques but it seems that lactate levels depends on other factors in taekwondoin.‎